Snowman Trek II

Reach the higher altitudes of Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan with Snowman Trek II that traverse through the challenging trekking routes to take you to the remote and unspoiled parts of Bhutan. This 25 days trek is one of the most difficult treks that you can take. However, at this altitude with stretches of pristine landscape you will be awestruck with the natural beauty. An extension of Laya Gasa trek it offers you the opportunity to reach the farthest parts of the country while traversing through the treacherous trails, profound valleys and majestic mountains. The landscape is dotted with sleepy hamlets and ancient architectures.

Location: The trek begins at Gunitsawa Village and takes you to some of the farthest areas of Bhutan to end at Duer village. 
Best Time: June to October. 

Duration: 25 days

Difficulty Level: Extremely Difficult

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